Instrumental Music Programme


In addition to a varied Music curriculum, WASHK offers all pupils the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in individual (1-on-1) or group (1-on-2) tuitions. Our team of peripatetic instrument instructors can guide pupil’s learning from complete beginner to advanced levels. The majority of lessons, as is the case in almost all English schools, take place on a rotational basis whereby pupils will come out of part of a different subject class each week.

To enrol in the Programme, please read and fill out the enrolment form and submit together with the payment directly to Pure Orchestral Centre on or before Sunday, 29 August 2021. Late additions will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis where possible. For further information, please contact Mr. Joseph Kim or Mr. Ringo Chan. 

We offer tuition for the following instruments: 
  • Piano (1-on-1 only) 
  • Guitar
  • Drums (1-on-1 only)
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Trumpet
  • Viola
  • Trombone
  • Cello
  • Saxophone
  • Ukulele
  • Clarinet

IMP Terms and Conditions:
1. Lessons: Parents/carers will receive confirmation with the dates and timetable of the lessons via email from the Music Department and/or Pure Orchestral Centre.
2. Payments: Arrangements for payments are made directly between the hirer and Pure Orchestral Centre. Please do not send payments to WASHK.
3. Instruments: Students are required to have their own instrument for lessons and independent practice. I understand that WASHK offers a limited instrument rental service on a first come first serve basis.
4. Make-up lessons: 24-hours in advance notice to the peripatetic teacher is required to arrange make up lessons.
5. Termination: Parents/carers who wish to terminate their child’s instrumental tuition must give half a term’s notice. Parents/carers are responsible for making all payments and students are expected to attend all lessons up to the end of the term.
6. Data protection: By submitting this form, you agree that WASHK can pass your details as given on the form to Pure Orchestral Centre, for the purposes of communication and arrangements. 

Mr. Ringo Chan, Director of Pure Orchestral Centre
Address: 11/F, Kam Fung Commercial Building, 2-4 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai, HK
WhatsApp: 6199 9933

Joseph C Kim, Music Teacher

2021/22 Young Audience Scheme (YAS) Enrolment Form:
Apply Online or Download Application Form

“Organised by the HK Phil and sponsored by The Tung Foundation, YAS is a music education and audience development programme in its 25th year, targeting local full-time students aged from 6 to 25. Whether you are studying or performing music, or simply love the fine music of an orchestra, this scheme offers you a comprehensive learning experience. We sincerely hope this scheme could be the beginning of your wonderful music journey. We wish you will benefit tremendously from this scheme and embrace the joy of music with the HK Phil.”